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A talented young man joins "Westview Academy", one of the nation's best schools, known for its spectacular sports facilities and its music program. At Westview Academy, he'll make tough decisions and have unique experiences surrounded by many new friends and different environments. Live your dreams as a college athlete or climb your way to the top as a superstar musician! How will your story go?

You can expect a choice-driven story with a mix of comedic and serious scenes, animated transitions, and plenty of romantic dates! Many high-quality renders and fully-animated adult scenes with image and replay galleries where you can replay your favorite scenes from the game.
With two distinct paths, and many different love interests to choose from, each play-through will be unique and full of fun moments and differing branches to play through.

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v.0.2.2 PC (MEGA)
v.0.2.2 MAC (MEGA)
v.0.2.2 Android (MEGA)
v.0.4.1 PC 2 GB
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v.0.4.1 PC (Mega)
if you pay $10 USD or more
v.0.4.1 MAC (Mega)
if you pay $10 USD or more
v.0.4.1 Android (Mega)
if you pay $10 USD or more

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really promising start, the dialogue and interactions are very funny and well written. graphics are great. shame there's so little content so far, though. 

I downloaded the free version on android and after mary says "I Love You", the story restarts. Is this how it is in the free version?

That's weird. I don't think it's supposed to restart, but yes, that's the end of the free version.


Здравствуйте, я не могу найти функцию переключения языка подскажите как переключить на другой язык?

quick question is the chapter 4 on steam or is it just on her

It is on Steam as well.


Hi, dumb  question but how do I know if my computer is able to run this game? 


It most likely will.

Think you only need like 2GB RAM.


Trying the free demo would be the easiest way to find out. Visual novels will work on some pretty low end hardware so you'll probably be alright.

Today's update has fixed the download availability for 0.4 for myself, thanks Tako

I'm glad it worked<3

And where is the choice of language ?

The only language that is in the game is English.

Languages EnglishPortuguese (Brazil)RussianTurkishChinese (Simplified)



After reading previous comments, no point in paying for an incomplete game if the price is going to change every chapter and you don't get free updates without having to pay for game again. Will pass on this until it gets completed . Don't want to pay for a game that requires constant money injection to play every new chapter.


If that is the way you want to do it?  You could Join patreon or SS and pay a Monthly. I think $5. Usd is the amount ! that Helps the Creator Fund the Game and Supports them also, that way they can work on the game more( or that is what most Hope for ). the Price here i think is in line with Both Pay walls on the Monthly sites.

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you dont pay for half-finished products. 
imagine if you went to the cinema and paid for a ticket, but all they showed you were previews of upcoming movies...
payment is for complete products..
what kinda fucking moron pays his own employer in order to be employed as a beta-tester?
theres plenty of games on itch using volunteer beta-testers, you dont need to pay the dev for employment


As you wish. I do it to support the Creator of the Game. Not just a Game i like, I have to Love the Game. Some Of the People that Make games Have a Lot of expenses ( New Cpu's, Vid Cards, Sound Cards, Or even Other People that Help them Make the Game )
If you feel that You should only pay for the Complete game Fine. But Most Sites Like Itch, and others. Have games that are in Process ( being Made ).
One Game i Love is Lom ( Love of Magic ) I think short of a 2-3 Quality Updates It is Finished.

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love of magic is an awesome game. i buy it by the book as with any novel..
fact is, paying ppl to not complete a game is probably the reason that itch has so many abandoned and forever-dragging-on games on here..prime example = Black Magic.. that shit will never be finished, the same lines of dialogue over and over again, the same formulas scene after scene.. fucking game drove me half mad just trying to get through the 'so far' content.. you can just tell he is milking his pedo-patrreons for all theyre worth..
then theres the games that go 12 months without an update, so ppl just hang in there.. just for ppl to realise a year after an expected update, that theyve actually been subscribed to an abandoned game for the last 2 years with the dev not saying shit.. and i've lost count of the number of devs that have delays cos they say they have cancer.. and its always cancer.. 

Should be fixed now.


In the same boat as a few other people in the comments below.  I bought this in a sale and now I can only download v0.2.2.

If people have paid for this at a lower price as an early supporter, we shouldn't be being penalised and restricted from new content just because it was a lower price than it is now.

Hopefully the game dev will sort this soon

Does the purchase come with a Steam key?

Hey Tako Yuh, I love this game and almost everything about it for me is good, I just have one issue, I've noticed the basketball line has a lack of story, I just played the latest chapter and felt there was more happening on the music side than the sport side, that could be just me. I just wanted to know do both paths meet the same people (exception being the path locked characters).

Besides that, awesome game!! What do you use for your models and renders?


Paid $10 for full game, now you bumped it to $11.99 for Ch4 so I can't download it? There should be an option to pay $2 for the update or something. Is the price going to come down in the future?


2nd this. Kinda sucks us early adopters are locked out of chapter 4 unless we buy it all over again.

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Not able to download chapter 4, even though I bought the full game on discount?


Why not free. At least let us poor people play it


Gen Z moment. "Why life not free."

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genZ moment = "let me pay my own employer to give me a job as a beta tester"..do you pay for movie tickets to half-completed movies too?
payment is for complete products, samples and bait are for free


I get where you're coming from, but a more appropriate comparison would be a subscription to Crunchyroll, or Hulu so that you can watch an anime or show that is currently airing week to week.  It doesn't sound so crazy when you compare it to something relevant.  That being said, too many creators take advantage of the good will of the people to give them money, I agree.


anime shows in particular are completed before they go to air.

I really enjoyed the demo! Any chance it's gonna get more content or should I delete the demo for now and put the game on my "to buy" list?


When is the 4th chapter will be released?

It just released today!

Any chance of non-3rd party files in the works? This game looks like it'd be good, but I want it on my Steam Deck.

it works on steam deck. after installing, add the .sh file as a non steam game

The problem is installing it. The itch app won't install any games from Mega, as it's a non-compatible 3rd party. So I can't even get it installed to even throw the file into gaming mode as a non-Steam game.

that's weird. I was able to just unzip it. You could always get the steam version, but I get not wanting to pay twice.

Yeah, that's not desirable. I finally got it to work, though. I tried downloading it on both Chrome and Firefox in the past and kept getting a weird browser file limit error. I just tried again via chrome and was able to download it, unzip it, and add it. So not sure what changed, but I'm not complaining. I'll just use the site instead of the app for the Mega downloads now.

It's on Steam now

Awesome. I'll have to search it up. Thanks.

i love the story and designs of characters so far. just bummed that the game isnt that far in. only 2 scenes and its with june who i dont like. 

Hiya! In Chapter 3 there are actually 4 unique sex scenes you can get, and a few more in Chapter 4 which is coming soon!

I thought it was only up to chapter 2. Do I have to pay for chapter 3?

Yup. You played the Demo which only goes up to Chapter 2.

That does make sense though because this game page has some pictures of scenes that I don’t recall 😅

Are the only scenes in chapter 3 with Paige because in the replays there is a greyed out clip with Brooklyn I believe. Is that later in the game or I just haven't done that scene yet? 

The last scene is with a side girl from the music path. To get her scene you have to keep looking when the choice comes up in Chapter 3.


is it just me or is june the only one that actually has a story to her? i cant seem to unlock or manage to get with any one but her... its almost like im missing something major.

Judging the 2nd half of the description, I'd guess the game locks you into a route after a certain degree of progression.
Confirmed: https://itch.io/post/6943403


Any male dom?


I, like others, am concerned about possible kinks/fetishes/tags/what have you that I may encounter playing this. Corruption? NTR? Lesbianism?


No corruption or NTR, mostly vanilla stuff, and if I do include any kinks they're mostly going to be optional/avoidable.


mc black? I just prefer white.


MC isn't black, you blind? His friend is black


im looking at the photos presented and the lighting is confusingme as well as the characters shown


still kind of a cringe thing to say buddy


Ye I know I didn't mean to offend.


MC appears to be a lighter complexion of Hispanic decent of some sorts, not that it really matters. But he even gets called a beaner by Kian's flunkie.


really nice ? the characters dont look weird at all, and at some point it got a bit uncanny even lol. really waiting for the next one ! really interested to see how the story plays out

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 hi i

 have 2  question :  the game  have anal scene  and harem route? thx 


Hello, I'm on mobile. How do I download this game using mega? Usually other apks, directly downloaded to files and then exported with package installer. How do I export it from the Mega app ?


Well, it will be wherever you told  the app to put it. Don't you have a file manager that can search?


When you got the app, go to the folder sign on the bottom, the tap the three dots on the top right and copy the link there. Allow the app in the settings to save data on your phone or SD card. When you tap on your download, it says show in folder. That's where you find it. The app takes some time to copy it on your phone or card, so be patient. After it is copied, you can install it on your phone

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Pretty good game thus far other than the fear that pretty much each day is one chapter and the game ends before realistic character progression would be near miniscule.
P.S. Or that the game will have 180 chapters for a year of schooling.


there is this account trying to make money or worse with your game. https://itch.io/profile/impressiondev . you might want to report it


Thanks for letting me know:)


Good Stuff!!


Great game! I just thought things happened too fast, as if the story had been cut short.

Hello! I am tremmi and I would like to have a shout out with you on itch :) What do you think about it? :)


What sort of fetishes can we experience in the game?


I am missing the last replay scene? Not sure what i missed.


Ch3 Music path, pick “Keep looking” when the choice appears.

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Got it. Thanks. Games looking real good so far. Keep up the work. 

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tako yuh 

There was no option "keep looking"


Im really hoping we'll be able to date Allysa  


the newest update is some sweet work.  feels like the graphics got a nice tweak. thanks tako.

my man I dont have access to the new content even though I paid the 7.5 for the previous update


That's strange, is it not under "My Purchases" in your library? If you can't find it, contact Itch support or shoot me a message on Discord.

If you pay the above 7.50 does that get all future updates or just this one?

You gain access to all future updates.

A lot of us are locked out of the chapter 4 update.

is the new update out yet ?


Yes, it’s out for patrons and should be released here 4 days from now.


i feel like batman starting this game holy shit

poor pops he didn't see it coming 


Hey, Tako! I don't know if it was asked previously but i'll ask it nonetheless. Is there any chance for releasing Westview on Steam?

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Yes! The Steam page is currently under review and should go live and ready to be wishlisted soon. There is currently no official Steam release date but I'll be sure to announce it when I have one.

Great! Since i'd rather play the latest version on this specific platform, i'll patiently wait for its release there. Thank you for answering my question and have a good day o/


Instead of going to school, he should've become a vigilante who dress like a bat and fight crime.


Nice game!!! Tags for the future? Harem? Pregnancy?


No harem but you will be able to pursue multiple paths to an extent. Pregnancy is indeed planned, yes.


Nice, another question, if there is lesbian content, can it be avoided?


There will only be girl on girl action if you choose to go for threesomes, no lesbian solo scenes without the MC. 


Ok thx I love your game :)

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What's benifit of having multiple path to an extent with no future possibility? Breaking heart after using them? That's shit thing dude,either make it punishment for pursuing more than 1 li or make an alternative harem ending possible else it's nasty to play with hearts.

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